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ABOUT Hailey



I'm a married, twenty something from California and transplanted to the middle of nowhere New Mexico. I have created this blog for someone out there who might benefit from my struggle with Celiac. Whether you have celiac, autoimmune disease, or are trying to figure out what works for your body, this site is for you. I went twenty years without a diagnosis and therefore have a lot of extra sensitivity and allergies and have hard days for no explainable reason.


As someone with celiac, I can't eat: wheat, rye, and barley. But thanks to being sensitive and cross reactions...I don't eat any grains (e.g., corn, oats, millet, rice) … And some foods I can't eat too much of, such as, some hard to digest veggies, like those in the night shade family, and certain fats...Yes I'm a mess.

So, yay for potato’s, almond flour and coconut flour, you will see them in many recipes.


My husband kindly went gluten free when we got married, so I will post some recipes that are “For Him” which will include rice and cheese...


I have had intestinal issues since I was a baby, but I was not officially diagnosed till I was twenty years old. Growing up we eliminated foods that, to be polite, went right through me, such as Cheerios. As I got older, more symptoms appeared; however, I was told by doctors, “Your system is just sensitive”, and “Maybe you will grow out of it”. By the time I was nineteen, it was affecting me every day to the point that I was missing work and no food was helpful. My Mom went into mama bear mode and found an allergist who, on the first appointment, guessed I had Celiac. She later proved the diagnosed by blood test and biopsy.

It was a relief to finally have a diagnosis, but I had 20 years’ worth of damage, which took about five years to heal. Five long years and I'm still not perfect.

I occasionally have unexplainable bad days but

one must press on.





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