Hey there, I'm Hailey!

I'm a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP), Personal Trainer (CPT), Teacher, and a Dancer.

I love being healthy, cooking, hiking, dancing, and can't forget God.

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From now on find I will be posting on

This website will stay up through summer then, I will take...

GO Check it out!

If you Want to learn a bit more about me, what it's like to have celiac or see random adventures. 


I have a problem: 

I push my self so hard that my body rebells and forces me to stop.

Wednesday I only made it half way tho...

Is stress a trigger for your guts to go haywire?

It is for mine. Its my biggest trigger.

So here are my stressful/funny sto...



Here are the details of my healing process.

If you are still healing or just being Gluten free isn't working, maybe by e...


I eat organic non GMO, because pesticides bug me. Also, soy free is best for me.

There are some flours I can't get organi...



So, I eat quinoa and potatoes but have paleo and grain free also listed.

I personally need more carbs than paleo allows....


-To be safe cook it yourself.


-To be safer eat whole foods(came out of the ground) avoid packaged items. 


-If you buy a...



Will this make a difference to someone? Will it help someone on their celiac journey? I have no idea, but I do know tha...

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