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March 27, 2016



Will this make a difference to someone? Will it help someone on their celiac journey? I have no idea, but I do know that I didn't have some one with experience to talk to or to find advice on how to heal. So I hope that this finds it's way to someones screen and helps them with some of their struggle. I went twenty years with out diagnosis; therefore, I have a lot of extra sensitivities and allergies which can lead to having hard days for no explainable reason.


As some one with celiac, I can't eat: wheat, rye, and barley. But thanks to being sensitive and cross reactions...I don't eat any grains (e.g., corn, oats, millet, rice) … And some foods I can't eat too much of, such as, some hard to digest veggies, like those in the night shade family, and certain  fats...Yes I'm a mess.

So yay for potatos, almond flour and coconut flour, you will see them in many recipes.


Now, I have a husband who kindly went gluten free when we got married, so I will post some recipes that are “For Him” which will include rice and cheese...


I have had intestinal issues since I was a baby, but I was not officially diagnose till I was twenty years old. Growing up we eliminated foods that, to be polite, went right through me, such as Cheerios. As I got older, more symptoms appeared; however, I was told by doctors, “Your system is just sensitive”, and “Maybe you will grow out of it”. By the time I was nineteen, it was effecting me every day to the point that I was missing work and no food was helpful. My Mom went into mama bear mode and found an allergist who, on the first appointment, guessed I had Celiac. She latter proved the diagnosed by blood test and biopsy.

It was a relief to finally have a diagnosis, but I had 20 years worth of damage, which took about five years to heal. Five long years and I'm still not perfect. I occasionally have unexplainable bad days but one must press on.

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