Keep Yourself Safe

March 28, 2016


-To be safe cook it yourself.


-To be safer eat whole foods(came out of the ground) avoid packaged items. 


-If you buy a packaged item read the label for ingredients and what its processed with, and Google it. Yay for smart phones. I use mine in the store all the time.


-Check if certified gluten free. Do to marketing tactics a lot of products say gluten free (GF) when there processed with unsafe items. Cross contamination is horrible and painful.


- Not everything is called gluten. watch out for malt, seasoning mixes, sauces(especially soy based),...

here is a link to label reading 101


-You may have allergies or sensitivity besides gluten. Food dairies never worked for me there was to much going on. I will Write in more detail in a future post but here is what I tried, Special Carbohydrate Diet to give my body a chance to calm down. GAPS Diet, which is a similar idea and Paleo Diet. This is the only paleo cook book I own I usually just use other blogs for ideas. 

I have had a skin test which was done by an allergist, thankfully needles don't bug me. I tried acupuncture for a while too which included a muscle test, which was helpful.



More resources that may come in handy:


lots of info packed in the first two:


If your new and don't know what celiac is


Depressing what you can't eat list


I am not endorsed by anyone just sharing what I know and have found.






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