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Potato chip and dip

March 29, 2016



Take your desired potato type, I used a mix of yellow red and purple.


Slice to desired thickness if you want thin use a mandolin. Mine were about ¼ inch thick.


Pour enough olive oil over them to coat them you don't want extra oil just burning on your pan. I cover my pan with foil for easy clean up.


Sprinkle desired amount of salt


Cover top with foil so they don't dry out for the first 20 min.


Uncover and flip potatoes if you put foil under them careful its easy to rip it. If your oven is old like mine and it has some hot spots rotate the pan at this time.


Cook until golden or desired crunch. Should take 30 to 40 min at 375F




use caned tomato sauce or pre made in a jar

I only made one serving so small amounts

½ cup tomato sauce

1/4tsp dried basil

¼ tsp minced garlic

¼ oregano


stove or microwave works but if u want to make a lot of sauce put it in a pot and simmer.

Bigger portion

2 cans tomato sauce

2 tbsp tomato paste

2 tbsp dried basil

1mounding tsp minced garlic

1 tbsp oregano

½ tsp chili powder

¼ tsp salt

if you want it spicier add cumin


Warning he added cheese





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