Ground Beef Stir Fry

March 29, 2016


This is a I have nothing to cook with Recipe

I live in the middle of no where New Mexico and the closest grocery store is 65 miles away! There is no way I'm driving that far for a couple of ingredients. I commute that far for work during the week I don't want to on the weekend. Which means this meal was created out of minimal ingredients. Hope u enjoy sorry to start with a negative note, just explaining.


1pound ground Beef

1 onion

1or 2 teaspoons of (depends how much a garlic fan u are)

about 2 cups carrots

about 2 cups broccoli

1 generous mounding teaspoon of paprika

1 teaspoon basil

1 teaspoon salt

½ cup water or if u have it broth

oil for cooking olive oil or coconut recommended


We ate it on top of potatoes for me rice for him so if your strict paleo ignore that part. We just find as active people we need more carbs. You can always make cauliflower mashed “potatoes”.


I like having leftovers and eat a lot so I make in bulk.


Do rice and potato boiling first so you can eat in a timely manner. About 20 min (potato recipe below)


4 cups of jasmine rice in rice cooker (or less or in a pot)


I used about 3 or 4 pounds of potatoes quartered and thrown in a pot with water to boil till soft.


While those or just pick one are cooking begin chopping.


Take you onion and chop to desired side mine were diced but whatever your preference is.


Slice carrots to desired chunkiness or pretty slices.


Now you can chop up all your ingredients now or multi-task and start cooking now. If I'm hungry I multi-task. I used a cast iron skillet but nonstick works.


Onion and Garlic and Carrots go in first. If you like crunchy carrots put them in latter but I don't like the crunch so mine go in now. Don't forget to stir.


Once the onion is transparent add in the chopped broccoli.


Add in spices


Add your meat and salt. If u want pepper go for it, I'm out.


Stir, cook for a bit add water


keep stirring till the pink if gone.


Mashed Potatoes


use russet or red/rose or yellow/Yukon


I used yellow/Yukon, red/rose is my second favorite, work but often require more milk and fat/oil


Nothing is an exact science when it comes to measurements. I judged by taste and sight.


3 pounds yellow potatoes


up to 2 cups coconut milk(So Delicious Original)


3 generous tablespoons Coconut oil


1 teaspoon salt


Optional: Garlic, frozen spinach(if u have minced garlic in a jar throw a tsp in you can just add in the frozen spinach straight in while mixing it should melt unless its in huge chunks. Or defrost your choice)


quarter your Potatoes.

Place in pot and almost cover with Water, let boil till soft, about 20 min.


I used a kitchen aid mixer but use what you got.

I like to put some milk and coconut oil in the bottom first and then slowly add the potatoes. Then I judge by sight and taste how much to add if needed. Slowly.



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