Why Celiac on the Range?

March 31, 2016


Home for my husband and I is home on the range. We live in a ranching community in the middle of .Nowhere I drive 65 miles to get to the next “big” town”, which is about 10,000 people. This "Big" town thankfully has a co op for getting organic food, I also shop at Albertsons and Walmart there are a few other stores but those are the main ones and if they're out of something you need, to bad. So I stock up as much as I can afford to and go back home. Its a long drive. I don't recommend it. I also work in that “big Town” with a bunch of kids, its a good thing they're cute.


I would have never started this blog if we hadn't moved here.

I'm really not the blogger type. It requires sitting and computers and writing. I'd rather move and be outside. So why did I change and create this thing?


We moved here from northern California where there was ocean and redwoods and friends. New Mexico is just different, not comparing, just different. A big move like that is life changing and there's no looking back. If you happen to look back you cry. I had two meaningful jobs. I was coordinating a program for young kids and their families and teaching dance. I also was able to take dance classes, and perform which is not easy to find if your over the age of 18. None of those things are available here. What I went to school for isn't a career here, dream career is to be a Dance Movement Therapist. So I had an identity crisis for months. I could not get a job for 4 months. God doesn't tend to map things out for you and make it easy and I did not understand why we moved here, what my purpose was here, or how to cope. I still don't understand really, but I'm getting somewhere, just don't ask me where.


I still dance in my living room and take classes via the Internet. I have tagged along when my husband was on a business trip to Albuquerque and then to Las Cruses and found studios to drop in at. Its so nice to dance with people in person.


On a positive note I don't mind where we live, it's peaceful. There is a little community of women I have plugged into. We go to a church only 30 min away. We help out with a local church group for kids. I do have a Job. My husband loves his job which is why we moved here. I'll be ok.

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