A Very Piratey Breakfast

April 1, 2016

Breakfast muffin for one


A microwavable muffin for an on the go warm breakfast. Take in your bowl or bag it. Warning if you don't soak the bowl before you wash it, it will feel like your scrubbing cement out of it.

Lots of fiber and protein in this one.


2 eggs

2 tbsp flax meal

1/3 generous cup quinoa

1/8th tsp of salt



½ tsp cinnamon

Fruit on top





Put ingredients into a small bowl. This is not something that works in a mug. It can overflow or explode if you do that. The bowl should still have about inch and a half more space after the ingredients are inside. Mix ingredients together with a fork. Put in microwave for about 3 min. It should not be jiggly in the center but if you cook it too long its dry. (My microwave is supper low in power and some times takes longer. Adjust time for your microwave strength. )

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