Chicken Lettuce Wraps

April 17, 2016



3 cups Zucchini

2 cups Carrots

1 onion

4 chicken breast

minced garlic



2 tbsp no salt seasoning (Kirkland)

2 tbsp Paprika

1 tsp salt


lettuce leafs (I used romaine hearts)

tomatoes (I used cherry)

(As many of these as you wish)


Use a food processor or mandolin or if you want to take the time to slice with a knife go for it.

Slice your zucchini, shred your carrots and onion.

Place in a large deep skillet.

You can caramelize your onions first if you wish.

While veggies are cooking, cube your chicken.

Add in garlic.

Once your veggies are soft add in your spices and chicken.

Don't forget to stir!


While those are cooking prep your lettuce and tomatoes.


Once its all ready assemble and serve or put separate bowels so everyone(or just you) can make there(your) own




If you have leftover filling and want something different I are mine over yam chips.



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