Smoothie Time 2

April 16, 2016

Sweet and refreshing. I really like mangoes! I finally got a hold of organic ones, so happy!

I usually use bananas and or date to make it higher calorie. Your bananas should not have any green on them, the more yellow the better. They will be sweeter that way and when there green they can have a bitter taste.


This will be about 20 oz


2 to 4 bananas (you decide, the harder the work out I had that morning the more bananas I eat)

1 cups of strawberries(Frozen)

1 cup of mango(Frozen)

2 to 6 date(this will make it very sweet)

¾ cup coconut milk

1 tbsp chia seeds 


Need Green?

Add spinach

If you like kale go for it the mango will cover up

a lot of the taste.


You can use bananas and strawberries, bananas and blueberries, bananas and whatever fruit you want or any combo you like. Have Fun!



If you don't have a high powered blender soak your dates in a bowl of water first till soft. I have a fancy Vitamix blender. You can leave the dates out, but try them. I find filling a glass over and over annoying especially if I'm going to drink it on my way to work. I bought some 20oz Ball jars for canning, which work great and they come in fun colors a Target.

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