May 11, 2016

Is stress a trigger for your guts to go haywire?

It is for mine. Its my biggest trigger.

So here are my stressful/funny stories for you. (My advice is at the bottom)


Within the first week of May, we had to take our car in to get new engine mounts. Of course, we found something else wrong, but we were told it was drivable. It drove for 60 miles fine , but10 miles from home, we lost all power. Thankfully we coasted safely to the side of the road. We are used to getting stranded; it seems to be a regular marriage/bonding thing we do. Not my favorite kind, but it does bring us closer together. We happened to stop in an area with cell phone reception and only a mile from one of our friends who let us barrow a truck, in order to find a new car. God is Good. We live in a low population area in the middle of nowhere, so its amazing that this all worked out. We had conveniently talked about 3 days before and decided what vehicle we would replace our CRV with. We had joked that we wanted it to be red and really wanted it to be manual. Well Craigslist only had two cars of our preferred make and model both manual, and after looking at both, we bought the red one. God must have things planned. So simply put, we are safe and upgraded for a good price.

CRV's can be nice, but when you buy one that you think will work but find out its actually salvaged and abused, you are glad to get rid of it. We named our CRV a bit before it died Fritz because it was always on the fritz.


Another stress moment. Earlier that week I found out the summer program I was going to work for got canceled due to low enrollment. So no work for 3 months starting in mid May. Its a bummer, but maybe I need the rest or maybe God has something else planed.


More comical than stressful but had to share. I have two mothers my mom and my husbands mom. Who both live states far away from us. So on special occasion, like mothers day, you do what you can to make them feel special. We have some Sweet peas in our backyard and I was going to take some pictures of them to send them via text. But while I was taking the pictures Kaya my lovely puppy got jealous and or hungry and jumped up and took a mouthful of the flowers. Even with my husband trying to stop her she still got them. At least I got a good picture of her biting them and one good pic of the flowers.


Over the years, I have found some tricks that lessen the effects stress has on my body.

If something crazy happens, or I know I will be traveling. I take two probiotics a day. I make or keep to a schedule as much as possible. Sleep is key; I need at least 8hr of sleep, so I set aside 9hr to give me a buffer if I take longer to get to bed, or I wake up in the middle of the night. Drink more water than you think you need. Always keep snacks with you. Stash them everywhere: in the car, in a bag/ purse, pockets, desk...Keep your body happy. Find some time to your self, preferably quite: bathroom, car, go on a walk..Take time to pray and meditate; just because your day or week is crazy doesn't mean everything goes out the window. You have more time than you think. Just 5 to 10 min can change everything. And more than just one helps too. Talk to someone close to you, even if its just shooting them a text; don't go through it alone.

For me Exercises is very important. I do enjoy it; it makes me feel better. It also it can reboot you, relive stress, and circulate several systems in your body. That's the short unscientific version. There really is good research out there proving it.

There are some of my tips and stories. Don't forget to breathe, breathe deep.



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