Happy Camping Foil Packet Style

May 17, 2016



Camping is a lot of fun and a little bit crazy. Especially if you can't eat hot dogs or hamburger buns. So how do you keep the cooking and prep to a minimum and still have a solid healthy meal that's gluten free?



Let me share with you what I did for the camping trip my husband and I just did this past weekend.

Normally when I think about going out of town or camping, its just plan stressful and it makes me not want to go. But this trip was super last minute. We knew we wanted to do something but didn't plan where we were going or when we were leaving. We both had Friday off so we slept in and didn't deiced to leave till 12 pm! and left the house at 2:15 pm. I think thats a record for packing and food prep. I had every thing in the house already, so no extra trips. The husband packed up the gear in the car and I packed up the food.


I find that pre-cooking meat is a lot safer, especially if you camp hours away from a place with Ice or any resources.

I made meat balls, cooked them and froze them (Recipe below).


I packed onions, coconut oil, bag of potatoes, precooked rice, eggs, oil, Frozen veggies, Snacks ie; Lara Bars & Go Raw Bars, cookies from the previous post http://celiacontherange.wix.com/celiac-on-the-range#!Orange-Chocolate-Drizzle-Cookies/cgla/5734f01e0cf284cf21410977(cause I make a ton of different versions and someone has to eat them) bananas apples, peanut butter, jelly, cheese, oat meal and GF bread(Actually we both meant to pack it but it was still sitting on the counter when we got home) There is always something you forget right?


Of course, we packed cooking wear, eating utensils and a propane stove was helpful, but I cooked mainly with foil packets in the coals/fire. Pack a ton of foil if your going to do this.


I only had to cook one thing before we left and they're super fast and easy. Two if you count the quinoa muffin I made in the microwave.(http://celiacontherange.wix.com/celiac-on-the-range#!A-Very-Piratey-Breakfast/cgla/56feaf820cf21ff2b5fcd97f)


When actually cooking at your campsite you can cook every thing at once and it should be done in a half hour (See Foil Packet Dinners below).


Here are three different foil recipes:



Italian Meatballs


½ cumin

1tsp paprika

1 tsp salt

¼ thyme

1 tbsp basil

½ tbsp oregano

½ tsp crushed chili

2 eggs

1/3 cup quinoa

1 lb ground beef




Oil cookie sheet or foil on cookie sheet for easy clean up.

Mash together all ingredients with hands.

Roll into medium balls and place on sheet.

And cook at 375°F for 20min

Freeze if taking camping and then double layer wrap them in foil seal it and put in the coals to re-heat

If you want to cook your meat balls at the campsite pre-mix the meat with spices. so that you just have to roll it into balls and wrap a group of them in foil. Do to flipping they may not look like meat balls by the time you eat but its all about taste out in the woods.


Foil Packet Dinners

 Make sure you double or triple layer your foil packet. I would hate for you to puncture your packet and loose all your food. Hungry campers are not happy campers.

Put out how many pieces of foil you need. Each packet should hold enough food to be one persons dinner. Evenly spreed out your ingredient. I made four packets total.


4 lb of potatoes

one onion

two 10oz bags of frozen peas &carrots

(you can uses what ever frozen veggie you like but broccoli may not be the best)

24oz of pasta sauce

1 tsp coconut oil


about a tbsp of spices for each packet but you don't have to.

put desired amount of salt and or pepper.

and seasoning with no-salt seasoning would be great or just add some basil and oregano.


Wrap up your foil by taking 2 to 3 layers of foil for the bottom, make it long enough so that you fold it over and make a top layer with the same very long rectangle. Line up the edges and fold up ½ inch on all four sides one at a time. Going clockwise or counter clockwise pick one and stick too it. Continue to fold till you have folded up to the food. It should be at least 4 folds. Really press down so that you have a solid seal.

Put in the coals and flip every 5-10 min till potatoes are soft. It was about 20-30 minutes for us.


Leftovers/Egg Version


I cooked extra so that the next night we just had to heat it up

so for that version I added the sauce that night(cooked with out the first night)

and I added 2 eggs which cooked nicely when just warming potatoes.

Re-foil if your foil is falling apart from the heat.



Rice packet versions


Either be willing to sacrifice some rice to the foil or really oil your pre-cooked rice. You can put sliced onion, eggs and frozen veggies in too




We also cooked the trout we caught in foil, but you have to really oil it so that they don't stick


Onion Bomb


Take a whole onion.

Peal it.

On the top with a knife cut a grid into it about a inch deep.

Put salt and Garlic on it

wrap it up in foil 3x so it looks like a ball

toss it into the fire or coals

let cook till soft all the way through

on coals it will take about 30 min.

We didn't put salt or garlic on the onion and its still very flavorful.


Happy Camping!

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