Italian Chicken packets

May 18, 2016

I recently posted about camping with foil packets.

But if your not going camping and want a simple dinner you can still do foil packets.

So here are some easy oven packets for you.



4 chicken breasts

½ bell pepper

2 zucchini

4 mushrooms

1 carrots

½ onion


spread spices out between all 4 packets:


1 tbsp garlic

1 tbsp basil

2 tsp oregano

1 tsp salt


Bake 375ºF for 35-40 min


spread out four pieces of foil big enough to fold over your chicken breast.

Oil your foil.

Place each chicken breast on the foil.

Sprinkle and spread your spices all over both sides of your chicken

Wash and chop your veggies.

Place veggies on chicken. Make it pretty or dump it on.

Wrap it up. Fold your foil over so that the corners line up. Then take each side and fold it over a ½ inch at a time about 4x to each side.

Place your packets on a cookie sheet or Pyrex pan.

And cook!

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