Baked Tomato Chips

May 28, 2016




3 sliced tomatoes


olive oil



smoked paprika

cayenne pepper


Cheese option:

Place shredded cheddar chase on top


Pre heat oven to 275ºF

Take a cookie sheet and cover with Foil

Place your sliced tomatoes close together on your foil

Sprinkle your spices evenly I suggest going easy on the cayenne so it doesn't over power your other spices and so that its not too spicy. If you don't want spicy then leave it out.

Pour your olive oil over all your tomatoes be generous

If you want throw some onion slices in the olive oil thats surrounding the tomatoes.

Put in oven a wait.


If your going to put cheese on some or all:

Place shredded cheddar chase on top after the tomatoes have cooked for 20 minutes.

I don't have a picture of the cheese option because my husband ate them.

I think thats a good sign.


Cook at 275ºF For 30-40 min


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