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Mineral Creek Trail, NM

June 18, 2016



Mineral Creek Trail, NM

Hot weather makes me want to submerge in water.

But I don't have access to a pool and there is no ocean by this state of New Mexico so We went on a hunt for water.

I'm part fish...need water.

So we headed up to Mineral Creek Trail. We hiked up to Cooney Camp & Mine and kept our feet dry.

But on the way back we hiked through the creek slid down the natural slides. I of course got as wet as possible.

It was the warmest natural water I have ever been in. I actually wished it was colder.

Over all a very pretty and refreshing hike.


King Snake

Snakes are not my favorite but they can move in crazy ways. 

I definitely scared the poor snake by taking a picture of it. 













 A Bit Of History


 Time to Slide Down

 Having To Much Fun



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