Pineapple Kabobs

July 1, 2016

BBQ time again.


This time we has special guests, my parents!

These kabobs have a very easy simple ingredients.

They're Gluten Free, Soy Free, and Paleo.





Marinate chicken and or stake in:


juice from one can of pineapple juice

3 tbsp no salt seasoning

2 tbsp garlic

1 tsp salt




3 zucchini

10 mushrooms

½ onions

1 can of pineapple pineapple












If your are using wooden skewers soak in water for at least 15 minutes

Marinate meat for at least 6 hours or over night

Slice your half onion into quarters ans separate

Slice your zucchini in half long ways and then slice down the zucchini so that there ¼ to ½ inch thick

Slice your pineapple in to chunks if its not pre done

Skewer you veggies together in a pattern such as onion, zucchini, mushroom…

Brush oil on veggies before cooking you can mix in some seasoning in to the oil to maximize flavor

Skewer Meat with pineapple (every other) you can put onion on theses too if you want

Brushing oil on meat is optional

I do my veggies separate because the meat cooks at a different rate

Place on Grill till cooked

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