Typical Lunches

July 28, 2016



My lunches look more like dinner which has its pluses and minuses.

I only eat meat at dinner if I’m going to eat meat that day. The main ingredients. I rely on are Potatoes and or quinoa and veggies. 


For potatoes I rotate between Yukon gold, red and yams


If I want Quinoa to be more flavorful I cook it with vegges or in broth


I usually use frozen veggies, combinations like, peas, kale, peas and carrots,peas and kale, and  broccoli cauliflower zucchini and carrots.


if you need more flavor add some:


coconut oil

tomato sauce

barbecue sauce

Secret coconut sauces ie; coconut aminos, teriyaki sauce 



Here is what I have eaten for lunch recently


Yam, quinoa, kale, coconut aminos 


Red potatoes, peas, dices  tomato from a can, salt coconut oil



Quinoa one yukon gold, peas, one broken up organic Lara bar (needed something different)



Yukon gold, peas, leftover kale chips, salt and garlic powder(I always have Tupperware something with me)



Yam, Yukon gold, broccoli,teriyaki,  coconut oil 


Fired "Rice"  couple yukon gold, 2 cups quinoa cup of peas and carrots and some broccoli, coconut amigos and teriyaki and 3 eggs


Mashed potatoes are great too and more palatable 


But some times I need a potato break and have banana and strawberry "Ice cream"

or blueberry




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