Burn Out!!

October 17, 2016


I have a problem: 

I push my self so hard that my body rebells and forces me to stop.

Wednesday I only made it half way though my day and had to go home to rest, so I could make it through the week. I woke up fine had a great swim before work. Yes I voluntarily jump in a pool at 6am. But then I started to get a runny nose then felt tired then couldn’t stop sneezing. This is how my body says “I’ve had enough stop!” I’m great at discipline and scheduling but horrible at rest. I’m learning slowly. So, I went home and sat around with tissues up my nose; I was very cute. I slept 9 hr that night and was ok Thursday and Friday.


 But I have to change a bit. I like adventuring, I like to cook, and blog ,but I am trying to smash all three, plus going to church, into a 2 day weekend. Its not working.



You need more rest days then workout days.

Its ok to make casseroles all the time or crockpot all the time

Its ok to ask someone else to cook or clean (Thanks husband!)


I would like to give you more of my story and how I manage crazy life and celiac

So, soon to come!

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