Traveling Dutch Oven

December 28, 2016


We took a trip that covered 2,813 miles and 5 states, and so much snow. I cooked food for the long journey. I bring all my food pre cooked and frozen so that I don’t have to hope that food is safe or hope grocery stores have ingredients I will need. This was less stressful than past trip food prep I have done. I kept it simple with ingredients and flavor.





2 chicken breasts 

1 lb ground beef

1 egg



3 lb potatoes

4 carrots

12 oz green beans

1 onion

1 cup broth









bay leaf


Pre Heat to 350ºF




Chop Carrots and onion

Quarter potatoes

Place veggies in your dutch oven

Toss or stir veggies so they are mixed

Place chicken breasts on top of veggies as far apart and close to the edge 

Sprinkle a little of each spice above on to chicken and over veggies

Make meatballs:

place ground beef, egg and spices in a bowl 

Mash them together

Form meat balls and place them in between the chicken

Place lid on and place in oven


Cook at 350ºF for a total of 80 min


Meat 30 minutes

veggies 50 min



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