Butternut Squash Chicken in a Dutch Oven

November 22, 2018


Dutch oven meals do take some time to cook but it is pretty minimal work. It is a busy time for me, well maybe I'm always busy but I have a lot going on right now. This is a savory meal with tender moist chicken. 





20 oz butternut squash(I used frozen cubed)

2 packages kale/power greens(about 20oz)

1 onion


1/2 tbsp paprika

1/2 tbsp oregano

1/2 tsp cumin

2 tbsp garlic

1 tsp salt




1 lb ground beef

1/4 onion

3 tbsp garlic

1/2 tbsp oregano

1 tbsp paprika

1/2 tsp cumin

1 tsp salt






Place cubed butternut squash and kale or power greens in bottom of dutch oven

Mix all of the spices into the veggies except cumin

Place chicken on top of veggie

Dash spices all over of chicken(paprika oregano, cumin, salt I didn’t measure)

Place lid on and bake


350ºF for 1 hr and 30 min




I made meatballs with the same spices

you can cook them in the dutch oven if you have room and take them out after 20-30 min

I cooked them on a foil lined baking tray on the top rack at the same time as the chicken  and same temperature for 20 min.

But you can do it separately on a low shelf for 20 min at 375ºF


prep foil on a baking tray

dice onion

mix/mash all meatball ingredient

form meatballs


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