Refreshing Tropical Blend

July 8, 2017


We came home from our road trip, it was 100ºF, and I wanted to have something cold and refreshing. But of corse I don’t have a fully stocked kitchen since I’d been out of town. I wanted Ice cream but, no ice cream in freezer and the frozen strawberries and mangos I had bought during our travels were not frozen any more. So I debated smoothie or just eat frozen bananas... I decided both. Its not quite a smoothie since It has no creaminess, if you want some creaminess add some coconut milk.  My husband and I found this very refreshing and its all natural!


Serves 2




  • 1 cup strawberries

  • 2 cup mango

  • 2 frozen bananas


Ice Cream option:

If you wish to have it in ice cream form have all the fruit start frozen.




  • Use a high powered blender, you can use a regular one but you may not get the same smooth consistency 

  • Poor in strawberries and mango chunks

  • Break apart 2 frozen bananas and place in blender

  • Put lid on

  • Turn on blender on high and stop when at desired consistency



I did not use fresh fruit I used formerly frozen fruit. I used the juices in the bottom of the bag when I scooped it out. 



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