Garden Stir Fry

August 13, 2017




I have a lot of squash from my garden right now. It is a very good thing that eating more veggies is good for you. I cooked up some veggies to eat with dinners and thought I would share.

I am working full time again and on Monday I start taking 6 units. Recipes may get sporadic do to busyness but I will keep posting. Videos are going up once a week on youtube as well.  



2- 3 Yellow squash(zucchini works too)

1 bell pepper

3 cups of kale

1 onion

2 cloves of garlic

salt to taste

Oil for cooking coconut or olive oil or avocado



Coconut aminos or garlic sauce by coconut secrets 





  • Slice your squash and bell pepper

  • Dice your onion

  • Mince your garlic

  • Put oil in pan and warm it up

  • add in onions and cook till translucent 

  • Add in bell peppers and squash

  • To speed up the process put a lidd on the veggies for a few minute or till they soften a bit

  • Chop kale into bite size pieces

  • Place kale in a bowl add a tbsp of oil if Desired ad in a tbsp of coconut secrets sauce

  • Massage kale(get your hands in there and mash in the oil and squash the kale, it cooks faster and tastes better)

  • Add in garlic and keep stirring occasionally 

  • Add in kale after a few minutes

  • once all the veggies are cooked to the softness you prefer(I like them really soft)you are ready to eat



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